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Water Pressure

Water Pressure and Regulator Valves – Potential Problem

With the aging of our homes there is a need to verify the status of the water pressure that is coming into them since the original valves can stop properly regulating.  While Arizona Water Company supplies our community with approximately 140 lbs. of water pressure, it is each homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the water pressure entering their home is not too high.  Pressure should be about 60 lbs. so as not to cause what can be potentially expensive problems (burst dishwasher/washing machine lines, constantly running toilet tank valves, etc.).  Homes should have a water pressure regulator valve that reduces the incoming (street) pressure to 60 lbs.  Homeowners can check their home’s water pressure by simply attaching a water pressure gauge (obtainable from any hardware store or home center) to their outside hose spigot.