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Home Security

We live in a relatively safe area of Pinal County, Arizona. In order to maintain a high level of security you the homeowner or resident need to take, on a consistent basis, certain common sense measures. The following are suggestions and guidelines that may help you in this regard.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office – Is the police protection for our community. In case of an EMERGENCY call 911.  For all other concerns or to request a deputy, call 520-866-5111. This will connect you with the PCSO (Sheriff’s) Dispatcher who will properly address your needs and provide assistance or direction.

Door Lock Integrity – Install keyed dead bolts at every entry point. Be sure that the dead bolt extends a minimum of 1” into the door frame. Use long screws in all attachment hardware so the screws are secured into solid wood not trim or moldings. If possible have entry or security doors installed so that they swing out not into your home. Consider purchasing a security door(s) for your entrance points.

Window Integrity – Do not leave windows open or unlocked when you are not home. Purchase dowel rods to place in sliding window tracks as an additional entry barrier. Don’t ignore seemingly small shower windows, they are entry points.

Garage Door Integrity – Be aware of surroundings when entering or leaving garage. Watch the garage door close before driving away from your property. Upon your return, drive in and close your garage door before exiting your vehicle. Keep garage to home entrance door locked when away and at night. If you have windows at the top of your garage door consider reinforcing inboard areas to prevent someone from grabbing the release rope or trip lever. If leaving for summer or vacation use manual locks or something to limit door opening at side rails.

Neighbors – Reach an agreement with a neighbor to monitor your property while you are gone. Have them pick up and save or discard newspapers, flyers, phone books, etc. that are left on your property. When walking through your neighborhood pick up and dispose of similar materials that are littering a home if you determine that the homeowner is not in currently in residence. Thieves monitor homes and neighborhoods with unmaintained landscape and uncollected papers.

Alarms – The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has monitored alarm regulations that are maintained within a special unit of PCSO. There is a $10 annual fee to be registered for response and a charge if you have more than 3 false alarms. Conspicuously place information (sign or stickers) that indicates your home has an alarm system. The KEY to alarm security is simple “it can’t help you, if you don’t use it.”

Exterior Motion Lighting – Works well to deter trespassers and to have thieves move on to another location. Direct the light to shine into your whole back yard and keep your landscape trimmed. Timed motion lighting does not violate our dark sky’s ordinance.

Winter Visitor / Vacation Notification – If you leave for the summer or go on vacation advise the local sheriff’s office of the dates you will be gone and a phone number where you can be reached. You can also advise them if a neighbor is watching out or will have a key.

Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.) Program

The Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) is an organization of concerned citizens working within the Gold Canyon community with the primary purpose of assisting their neighborhood in crime prevention by acting as additional “eyes and ears” for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. The program is designed to educate interested individuals to problems unique to their neighborhood and to assist in developing a community patrol group. Volunteers actively patrol your neighborhoods to create a visible presence to deter crime, observe, record and report suspicious activity. If anyone is interested in more information on this program they can contact the Program Director.