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  • Please be sure all dogs are on a leash when not on their property and please pick up any feces your dog leaves on the trails system so everyone can enjoy the trails.
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Trails Committee

Mission Statement:

The Trail Committee Mission is to promote, maintain, and improve the non-paved, non-motorized association approved trails throughout the Superstition Foothills Community Owners Association.

View the trails in Google Maps here.

Download a Trails Map here.

Thanks to everyone who uses and helps to keep our trails safe and clean. For maps and information about the trails please refer to the website to obtain a printable map.

What about Rattlesnakes?!?!?

Trails are an asset to a community provided that they are managed and cared for properly. According to the SFCA Rules & Regulations:

“Trails are part of the common area and are under control of the Superstition Foothills Community Association. Trails cannot be changed or altered in any way without prior Board approval upon the recommendation of the Trails Committee Chairman. All motorized vehicles with the exception of handicapped, emergency and Superstition Foothills landscaper vehicles are prohibited on the trails within Superstition Foothills.”

The Board also has a process for any deletions or additions to the trails within the community. So please do not blaze any trails by removing rocks, ground cover, or cutting trees or bushes. Our environment is very fragile and any changes, especially on slopes or hillsides can lead to damage that is not easily repaired.

Thanks to everyone who uses and helps to keep our trails safe and clean.

If you are interested in how your community trails are promoted, maintained, and improved we invite you to volunteer for the Trails Committee or the Trails Posse. Please contact us at

Home Owners who have specific concerns regarding our Trails Please Contact: Kevin Leastman at 480-820-7441 ext. 236 or