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  • Please be sure all dogs are on a leash when not on their property and please pick up any feces your dog leaves on the trails system so everyone can enjoy the trails.
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Landscape Committee

Mission Statement:

The landscape committee was created to provide design recommendations that would ensure a beautiful and healthy landscape in the common areas of our community. The committee also monitors the existing landscape for areas of success and concern on an ongoing basis for feedback to Sculptured Earth Landscape Services.

Home Owners who have specific comments regarding our Landscaping, please Contact Kevin Leastman at 480-820-7441 ext. 236 or If you would like to contact or become a Landscape Committee member please email

Common Area Violations

In the past we had a report that some trees were cut down by a homeowner on Superstition Foothills community property.  This action is illegal as stated in our Rules and Regulations.  The homeowner was held responsible to pay SFCOA for costs associated with clean up, along with the cost of replacing and planting comparable new trees, plus attorney fees associated with the action.  We’ve had a similar incident recently, and the Board is in the process of following up and action will be taken.

The common areas are managed for the Board of Directors by our landscaping company to improve, correct, and handle problems as necessary.  Any individual does not have the right to alter, destroy, or remove any plants, trees, rocks etc. in the common areas.  This includes renters, guests, or personal landscapers.

If you see anyone violating these rules and laws, please immediately report the activity to the Sheriff’s Office.  If you have any knowledge of the violators please contact Kinney Management who will take the appropriate action, and there will be consequences.

Adopt a Saguaro

The perception of quality is formed as homeowners, potential buyers and guests enter Superstition Foothills Association from the many entrances and major roadways. Superstition Foothills has a living desert surrounding the members of the community with many species of plants/cacti represented and visited by native animals/birds within natural washes and common areas.

For years now some of the Saguaro within the Foothills community have been lost to storm damage, car accidents or in some cases rot at the shallow root base of these giants. Saguaro is a symbol, an image of the southwest, found throughout the Superstition Mountains and are yes found here in the Foothills of the mountains. These foothills here known as…….Superstition Foothills Association Community.

However, the community currently has too few of these majestic symbols along our roadways. Saguaro add a unique sense of place to desert landscapes and create a depth to the surrounding living desert.

No two Saguaros are the same, they are unique. We are asking that you adopt a unique Saguaro and help populate the roadways within the Superstition Foothills community with these amazing symbols of the Sonoran Desert.

  • 3FT Saguaro – $275
  • 6FT Saguaro – $475

Your name will be mentioned on the community website and placed in the newsletter, thanking you as a member of the community willing to give towards improving the appearance of our roadways. The landscape committee of Superstition Foothills will be working with Sculptured Earth on placement and location of the adopted Saguaro.

Contact Kevin Leastman if you are interested in adopting a Saguaro.